Amanae Week

Amanae Week November 15  – November 20 2022 in Sippenaeken, Belgium

“There are hardly any ‘vehicles’ out there that can take you as far as you are willing to go like an Amanae Week”.

The shortcut to emotional blockages and the fastest work to release them.

The Transformational Bodywork Amanae intervenes on physical-, emotional and energetical level.

An intense retreat which facilitates releasing emotional blockages.
You also learn to use a different perspective in dealing with pain, stress and discomfort.
A powerful breathing technique serves as a daily tool to deal with the burdens of life (and the feelings they call for inside).

Many persons already experienced this unique form of emotional bodywork in 3-day Intensives. Now these 5,5 -days allows you to go even deeper in your inner cleaning.

Effects that are mentioned by them:
“A greater sense of inner freedom and peace.”
“More bodily awareness, helps me to achieve a state of relaxation.”
“A breathing technique that is very helpful in situations where stress is experienced.”
“I sleep better then ever.”
“Reducing physical and emotional ailments (headaches, asthmatic symptoms, hyperventilation, panic attacks, muscle tension).”

Regarding Covid, we will respect all government rules at the time of the workshop.

We are limiting the number of participants to make sure that there is proper spacing in the sleeping rooms and workrooms

You are part of two 3-hour Amanae sessions daily (one on the table and one session standing at the table, being present for the other and yourself).

Meditation, group work, breathing therapy, relaxation time and soul food, make sure you can integrate the insights and releases.
Throughout the 5,5 days, your proces will deepen as the group energy rises.

A group of International experienced certified Amanae practitioners will lead the intensive and bring this unique Shaman work to the table.

Do you feel called to clean up at a fundamental level and jump into the deep, then sign up.

if you need support in deciding whether this is the right time for you, dont hesitate to cal/mail.

Data: November 15  (6 pm) – November 20 2022 (5 pm)
Contribution: € 1750,- (incl 5 nights lodging, food and drinks)
Contribution organisations on request
Perquisite for joining: 1 individual Amanae session
A non-refundable deposit of € 300,- reserves a place in the circle


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