Amanae is a powerful and effective form of transformational bodywork.
The technique uses touch and conscious breathing to open blocked doorways throughout the body.
With Firm movements on the body, old and stuck energy is being awakened.
Deep conscious breathing helps the client to release the blocks and allow energy to flow in the body.
The process invites you to bring breath and awareness to the doorways, and as they are opened, to feel what is held there and to allow the body to express and let go of these feelings.

Amanae is based on the idea that the body remembers. Not the stories of the mind, or the patterns we created to cope with life. Our bodies carry what’s beneath: all of the unexpressed fear, sadness, anger, shame, guilt, love and joy, both innocent and traumatic.
Through these doorways, just on the other side of old stuck emotions and needs, we can rediscover our deepest treasures.

In Amanae we believe YOU are the healer. With your breath and your willingness you can release what is held and allow your authentic divine self to be realized.

It is extremely effective for those who wish to:
* Shift old destructive patterns
* Change/Let go of negative belief systems
* Release pain & struggle from the body
* Rediscover purpose and joy in life

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